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  1. Breaker of Things: I opened "Peldon's Note" with no change to the journal or an additional dialogue option appear....I'm assuming reading the note constitutes just right clicking on the item in the inventory correct? Thank you.
  2. I am having some issues with getting Concelhaut's Door open. I have cleared the dungeon (with the exception of Uariki) and obtained all the notes. Once I spoke with Uariki to obtain the final note, the Journal did not update. When I checked my stash, I noticed that Uariki's note was not there. Additionally, as I defeated the other wizards, they dropped notes however some never appeared in my stash. I have rerun this dungeon several times with no results to include defeating all the wizards and picking up their notes... Thanks in advance for your help. Saved Game File (Dropbox): link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/azu0ce9c8ldw63y/41e5fd38f30841b0829a4c35e97ddaa0%2024585639%20Crgholdt.zip?dl=0
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