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  1. Hello both, and thanks for the advice! have been away from the computer a couple of days, so will give it a go as soon as i get a free moment. The readings were from core temp and afterburner that I tried on different occasions (wanted to be sure) but the torture test sounds like a good way to go. Might see if i have an hour or two tomorrow when i am arround but not using the pc (easier said than done, haha!) D
  2. Hello all Getting the same issue here. Tried all the above options, cleaning fans/heatsinks, upping fan output to cool GPU, capping frame rate, installing all the most recent windows 7 and graphics card drivers. (i have not updated sound card drivers as i have onboard sound disabled. PSU is also dust free as it's new (and fully tested, so not that) After i powered back up i was able to boot up and play Shadow of Mordor without any problems whatsoever. I'm getting exactly the same as the other people. CPU and GPU steadily spike in temperature untill they get to around 80 degrees and
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