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  1. Hello all


    I have no ideas if these are even possible with the unity engine.Is like to get my hands following mods:


    ×Random encounters when traveling like in balder's gate series for PC.



    ×A mod that would let me configure the amount of camping supplies Im allowed to have for example I wanna play on normal but only be able to have 3 tents instead of 4.



    ×More stuff for the keep.


    ×Mote enchanting and crafting stuff



    If some of these mods exist kindly leave me a name or link.



  2.   Ive played a thief since the 80s -90s...now myself i never pick pocketed..i dont know why my character is just not that type of thief...but as far as getting to powerfull than the other classes,i dont buy that....its a perk of being a shady thief......things come to those quicker that walk the thieve's highway than those who are law abiding...just my thoughts on the subject.


    If people chose to reload all the time thats them but im sure there are those with strong will power that wont do that.

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