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  1. I dont know why people say ranger class sucks? I think class is pretty good beacuse it has very good supportive sides and gameplay is so much fun. Before somebody comes with argue, that have i tried other classes. Yes i have. Every class has their + and - side. I know that ranger is little bit weak in late game and have less damage output than other classes. But ranger can be pretty effective either melee or long range battles. Personally i like ranger class and i want learn more about it than wiki can say. I want hear people differend experiences and opinions about rangers. And its sad, this isnt openworld game but no can do. Its so much fun to play anyway pillars of eternity and i really want marriage ending too for him. Like one of female followers would be good wife or you can find differend females and have romantic story until game ends and you get marriage ending too. Another way is make own follower which you marry and you can make for custom companions somekind backstory or depending player choises, they have backstory already done when yoou choose, where they are from,race, were they slaves or mech etc. There is so much potential have man other things too. I love long story-driven rpgs and they are my number one games. When i bought pillars of eternity, i was so excited and i didnt had disappointed except bug where as example dun gets stuck and laggs there forever. So u need send him away. But if custom companion stucks, you just need load last save which is annoying if its before bossfight and companion got stuck between walls while in fght. So how you can send custom companion away if that happens? But this game isnt too hard, neither too easy. I like how challenging it is and how costly bad engagements are. If you make good engage, you get good price from it. if you do bad, it might cost you whole fight but most misplays you can even fix thanks to pause option and time to think. Its just too fun play this game. Obsidian: I love your game and i hope there will be more games like pillars of eternity. <3
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