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  1. Unfortunately my hard-drive's busted, which means I can't, right now, update anything concerning the DLC. That said, it looks like Murder on Eridanos is capped off with an unavoidable-but-too-hard boss fight. If anyone knows a way around that, feel free to give me a shout or mention it here. Slaughterhouse Clive and Cysty-Dance with Death are technically two separate, mutually-exclusive quests. Cysty-Dance is triggered by offering to murder Catherine for Clive, which is obviously a bit of a no-no for a no-kill character; teaming them up will not complete it to my knowledge.
  2. A little update, I'll probably update the main post soon-ish. First, someone on Reddit found out and told me about a way to complete Space-Crime Continuum without killing any of the bugs, among some other things: This is nice! With that done, the rest of the quest is beatable, as are The Ice Palace and The Chimerist's Last Experiment -- allowing you to bring this questline to its conclusion. I haven't replicated it in-game for myself, though. On the more, uh, technical side of pacifism, ymfah did a no-kill run of the game and wiped out Edgewater without shooting either the people
  3. So, for no particular reason I decided to build my first character without putting a single point in any weapon skills; the goal was to beat the game without personally ending a life. Also no destroying any robots, no squishing any bugs, nothing that would trigger 'Enemy Killed'. That went for companions too. Sending robots back to their charging pods or putting enemies to sleep was allowable, however. The end result? A pretty big success, in fact. The main quest did not require me to actually kill anyone, and I was able to complete the vast majority of sidequests. There are points where
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