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  1. Right been playing for some time now and had no more crashes, I;m not 100% sure if i've cleared the problem but perhaps one or a combination of the above steps has helped I cleaned a load of dust out of my pc, especially on the heat sync over my processor installed that MSI afterburner and set framelimit and framestep to 50 ish using in game option set frame limit to 60 also updated some windows files (windows 7) will update if i get any more crashes but i think this has been the longest i've played now with no problems. Was actually strange exiting the game manually
  2. Hi i'm having random shut down issues only with POE though it seems to be occurring most when i quick save, I noticed someone else has had the same problem, has a cause and or solution been found yet? i've tried lowering frame rate to 60 and cleaned out my pc. attached output and dxdiag but wouldn't let me attach save file. Love the game so far though just like a perfect spiritual successor to old rpgs i grew up playing output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
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