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  1. I agree stabbing is more effective with pointy knife but blade like dundees, you can use both ways, thats the point.. and yes i dont have personal experience so i dont know what happens when you slit someones throat.. And bout slashing veins, if you manage to slit example his leg what has big veins its game over after little time. So they are both deadly. There was this guy who accidently very little touched his leg with chainsaw died almost instant because of fast blood loss.
  2. Yes thats more like it, you should have said right from the beginning something like "i have no idea about how real combat works but i would like all daggers to do slashing damage because there is that Holliwood movie i saw with some dude threatening the locals with an oversized hunting knife". And that would even be acceptable to add this particular knife to the game in form of an unique. i didnt say all daggers, depends on what kind of. Why attack me like that?
  3. on topic.. i think too dagger should be slash/pierce, or depends what kind of dagger. If its knife like dundee then it should be slash and maybe pierce, but i wouldnt stab with that thing..
  4. People dont use melee weapons in combat anymore, what real life situation are you speaking of? All swords have a thrusting point for a reason. Think about that reason and why your idea of slashing with daggers will end badly. ( if we are talking about real dagger usage the most efficient way to kill a human is to stab him in the eye, but they dont show that in the movies so you couldnt possibly know that.) what ever sir, think what you want.
  5. You must be really busy walking on streets.. Slashing requires a blade length to make slashes with and knifes lack one, in fact blade length is what differentiate daggers from sword. Actually if you have really small blade/knife its better to go slash on main veins than stab few centimeters in body. In fight its easier to slash your blade on main veins or throath than stab armbit and body multiple times to kill without enemy goin on you after with their long sword what has reach of 2 meters. But one slash on main vein and after that you wait little and he is dead. If we start speaking real life get your facts straigth.
  6. You Sir havent been in RL knife fight. Anyway when you go behind someone do you stab them in neck or slit their throat?
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