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  1. Thanks for your helpful opinion on PS:T. I don't really understand your last line though. Yea, Kana's curiosity would probably drive him. As for Sagani, I can understand committing to the hunt, but she still has this traditional and important task that's part of her tribe's culture for many generations. I hope there would be more of this journey too. I would have also liked to see companions doubting the choice of god(s) alignment for the leap. Say, Durance could have issues with siding with Magran after he knew the truth or something. Regarding PS:T, appreciate your view although I'll probably try it for myself before judging it, it's pretty much a big piece of rpg history after all. There goes my university break
  2. Hi all, did anyone else felt it was weird that the unique companions would follow you blindly down the pit into Sun in Shadow? Unless I remember wrongly, it was mentioned that the Burial Isle pit was a one-way ride (or at least seemed like it). In addition, you're heading down to face the powerful main antagonist, and the party might die in the fight. For people like Eder, it was acceptable since he's pretty much a very "bro" character. But what about those like Sagani? She's cool but she has a tribe and family to return to (which she looks forward to). Even if her quest had been completed, she would have to report to her tribe thus I would not expect her to jump into the pit so readily. Same goes for Kana or Pallegina who have their homeland to return to. There should be some conversation initiated before the leap, where perhaps we have to convince any unwilling companions, and in the worst case, have said companion leave the party. Perhaps have them remind us that their quests are still unresolved or something. I mean, Sagani on a five year unfulfilled search and she just goes along the leap risking no return? It seems unrealistic in this regard. All in all, I really loved the game, which brings me to my next question. PoE is my first game of the Infinity Engine type games (blasphemy I know, but I wasn't old enough to appreciate them or even know about them). I'm currently interested in Planescape: Torment, whose story I have read praises for. What I want to know before I make the purchase is what can I expect from it. In what way is it similar & different from PoE? Thanks!
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