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  1. Thank you for checking this and for your fantastic reply. I was so stunned that I forgot I can also use A / the sword icon - it works. I'm able to attack the first friendly knight outside and after killing him the ones inside turn hostile and the battle runs as it should. If this happens anywhere else, I'll remember to check if attacking through the sword icon does the job. Or will just embrace the magic of friendship.
  2. Hello, I have an issue with the "Winds of Steel" quest. The forge knights don't turn hostile upon coming back to Crucible Keep to report. I'm returning to Commander Clyver after delivering the research to Aranroed in Anslög's Compass. You can see what happens on the screenshots below: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/53fx03dilwlzqci/AAC80e1FJ8hOPeTgjp4diXupa?dl=0 Forge Knights obviously killed everybody, battle music starts when entering the Crucible Keep, but the constructs still remain friendly. Commander is still alive, but doesn't want to speak until Forge Knights are dealt with.
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