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  1. So i love all classes in POE but this one i hate. Here are my top reasons why i hate wizards 1)Worst fighters in the game. At least druids have the shapeshift spell that can help tremendously during battle 2)Limited number of spells PER REST. This is the primary reason i hate wizards. Ciphers or enchanters can cast spells indefinitely 3)Many of their spells can harm your mates. Fireball, roll of fire etc are nice spells but they can harm your team. Always sucks to cast ray of fire and seeing the enemy changing position just in order for your wizard to harm your teammate 4)Most wizard spells can be crafted or found in scrolls. So if you think that wizard spells are incredibly helpful you dont actually need a wizard to cast them! From all the classes that specialize in magic wizards are by far the worst. I mean why not pick ciphers or enchanters who can cast spells indefinitely?
  2. With six pet companions it seems that it is actually a very easy way to finish the game. Especially in corridors the only thing you have to do is block the way with a couple of beasts and shoot the enemies from a distance
  3. This is the only annoying thing with this game. I really love creating my own team but then i feel sad abou the stories i lose because i dont recruit existant companions. What do you prefer?
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