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  1. I can second herostratus's comment. In the most current beta build, which claims a fix for effect stacking, my saves are still affected. Appears to not be retroactive.
  2. This post under the patch notes sticky is very helpful: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78824-105-patch-beta-live-on-steam/?p=1685179 His referencing of posts is particularly useful. Maybe we could compile a list and mark items as active, fixed retroactively, or fixed post patch x and then make it a sticky for people to be able to quickly see and check before posting or searching for their issue? Also, could the patch notes please reflect whether items are fixed retroactive or not (specifically if they are only fixed for new games after that patch)?
  3. Battle-forged is not fixed retro-actively on my save, after beta build 565 from 5/6/15. Does this mean the fix was only to stop it from happening? What can we do if we are already affected? (EDIT): Please see this post by Baladas under the patch notes sticky for a very good compilation of major bugs still un-addressed https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78824-105-patch-beta-live-on-steam/?p=1685179
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