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  1. That's great, thanks. I did do a quick search around to see if anyone else reported this issue but couldnt find anything, glad it has been taken note of however. I just replayed through Noonfrost, checking the AE's after each battle and ganking anyone who was casting a spell, I have managed to get through it without losing anything. I had to reload several times however when I did get caught by the Arcane Dampener spell, Pellagina got caught out a few times so its not specific to one character. Hopefully most people have not been caught out by this one.
  2. Hi, I have just spotted a potential bug with an enemy NPC casting Arcane Dampener onto a member of your party. I first noticed this when Aloth's maximum spell count (the usage per rest) was lower than it usually was (an active effect you gain when you level up I think) Reloading earlier saved games revealed this was indeed a problem and not something he just lost. Luckily I save quite often and traced it back to an encounter I had about an hour beforehand. *spoiler below* During the fighting in Noonfrost there are a couple of high level wizards that cast Arcane Dampener, after the battle I compared the active effects to an earlier saved game, and to my surprise a lot was missing. This time around it was cast upon my own character and he lost all of his racial abilities and rogue abilities even after the battle, I saved this game and reloaded, some rogue abilities returned but he was still missing his (Wood Elf) racial abilities. I tried resting several times and saving and reloading but nothing. This is very disheartning as I am 80 hours in now and I have no idea how many times this might have been cast upon my group, all are level 12. Anyone else able to recreate this problem? Ever since I got to Twin Elms I have noticed some weird things happening (not being able to assign a party member to the stronghold quests, the mouse cursor ghosting, broken quest between the survivors and the hunters north of Twin Elms etc)
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