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  1. Having used the "kite into chanter summons" tactics on PotD, I find that sometimes when my summons are the first of my side to approach an enemy it seems to disable their AI and they just stand there and get beaten to death (note: not just from being stunned, even non-stunned enemies are totally unreactive when this happens). Black meadow Trolls, temple of eothas Will of Wisps and full sized Spear Spiders seem to have this problem so far. Not sure whether the smaller spiders are an exception or whether it's simply that they saw me on the pull. I can't really save a game while it's happening because it's in combat. Will figure out dropbox options and eventually post a file that happened afterwards.
  2. I also had this issue. It began with the "Can't remove Kana from party" and then, figuring out how to do that (cancelling rather than accepting the party confirmation box that autoappears when leaving Black Hound with a total roster of 7+ characters), Kana disappeared on a map transition (Gilded to Caed Nua).
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