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  1. It's also rather odd considering the earlier quests you do for each faction demonstrate you're a valuable, high-skill asset the factions don't realise "Wow, this person is good - we're definitely going to want to keep them as an ace up our sleeve". Instead the complete opposite happens, and you get "You've done good work for the Dozens as well? Sorry, we don't want to poach you from our rivals." It's a weird way for political organisations to behave, based on a weird barometer of trust.
  2. I actually tried that, but the option to progress further doesn't come up? I've got inside the dungeon where said Bronzes are located, so should I maybe increase it to a number higher than 1?
  3. Hi, Kickstarter backer here, only I used my real name for my account and I'd rather not post on a forum under it. Exactly the same thing as mentioned by the OP happened to me, and whilst I wouldn't consider myself an "RP fanatic" I have found this to be a big shock to my immersion. It might only be a little thing, but I feel like I've been railroaded and my interest in continuing to play the game has dipped. Unintended consequences are fine, but these consequences are a result of clunky game design rather than am attempt to immerse or tell a complete narrative. I ran into this because:
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