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  1. I was playing a self-centered greedy lying bastard (deceptive, cruel, aggressive all on 4) and nobody complained a bit. Pity I wasn't able to use my Doemel house 'membership' or my torture skills on the record keeper to persuade him. He just laugh to my mighty face when I tried physical intimidation. Also no chance to hire any really bad guys as NPC compantions or influence/turn the current ones. pity
  2. hola, anytime I encounter these teleporting ghost I do this: - find a corner - put everybody in very tight formation, mages on back, fighters on front, make sure there is no space in your group by moving cursor around , looking for the 'four leaf clover' - pull them, wait till they are all in front of fighters, then use any AOE like fireball , searing seal or jolting touch (best from stiletto or bow) in the Lighthouse case: - there is a nice tight corner on the top-left side of the 1st floor room (don't use the right side room, that one is too big, they port behind you) - rogue triggers the event and then use invisibility and run away - alternatively priest can trigger and use Withdraw (best when he's beaten a little, so he stays out of combat longer) - when most of the ghosts stands right in front of your group, release the AOE hell (in my case Cloudpiercer bow) hope that helps
  3. Hola playing ranger with a bear too - found the cave first, got in, saw a huge bear - told my self, "that's a huge bear, better not disturb it" and went out - met a guy, sent me back to cave, died few times, gave up - returned back with bigger party , tried to: - sneak around - doesnt work - i was hoping the bear would sleep sometimes , he doesn't - charm animal him with druid - works for about 1 sec, then he attacks again (even with 2 WIL lowering spells from mage on him) - make the bear sleep with some darts/alchemy/potion/herbs .. none found on that level Finally I had to kill the bear - what a pity. I thought there would be a way for Rangers and Druids (and other animal friendly minds) how NOT TO kill everything that moves and breathes and lives peacefully in the forest. PS: running away from danger is half of adventurer's life - there definitely should be a way how to run away from fights off the screen
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