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  1. Just wanted to follow up and say that "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" in steam was not able to resolve the issue.
  2. I have the same issue. Crashes about 50% of the time on start up for me with the same message. Not sure what caused it but v1.04 did not fix it for me.
  3. I've give those fixes a shot. I'm running the newest version (v1.0.6.0617) as Steam does not allow you run an old version.
  4. Every once in awhile when I try to start the game it will fail and I will receive the following error message: Attached is the crash report folder. I am unsure what causes this. If I retry to start the game it will work. This error doesn't always happen. I am using the Steam version and on v1.0.6.0617. 2015-06-22_225508.zip
  5. Can confirm this bug is real. I've lost items from my quick slots and items from my inventory when I switch companions. I've already lost the unique pistol Forgiveness and Iridescent Scarab Figurine, was bummed about that. There is no way to get them back without using the cheats, and I don't want to lose achievements by using cheats to bring back items. Does anyone know if removing all items from a companion before removing them from the party will prevent this issue?
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