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  1. I don't know what was so clear for u guys, but I can assure the faction choice was done really poorly. First of all I knew that I can side with only ONE faction, but that didn't stop me trying to finish as much quests as I could for all of them. (minus Doemenel where I did exact the opposite from the start). Anyway I did 2 quest for Dozens and 2 for the Knights. And yes at the second one it tells u that the others will not like it, but guess what? They didn't care. The reputation was not affected with the other factions (btw the "show reputation/personality" option is checked). But after awhile I realized that I'm sided with one, guess how? I found a NEW TALENT. And not when I joined them. If u can point me where they say u are now or will get membership I will gladly take my words back. 2nd. Are there any more quest given from the faction u joined?
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