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  1. In the "Bounty: The Dweller" side-quest in Caed Nua, the french string for the quest's name is: "Prime: Le RĂ©sident", while the monster's actual name in-game is "L'Habitant". I'll take a guess and say this wasn't intended? They have relatively close meaning, but aren't the same.
  2. While it looks super cool, I guess this wasn't intended? This happens regardless of where the weapon is placed.
  3. Noticed the technical support forum was used to submit bugs after I posted this, and then noticed the whole bug reporting structure you guys have. Feel free to move this to proper forum! Sorry
  4. Hey, may or may not be a localisation issue, unsure what your loc architecture is like. Regardless, when you fight the dragon boss in the cave of the "burning falls" which I'm guessing is the english name of the zone, there's the placeholder [RACE NAME] text instead of the actual reference
  5. First of all, congrats to dev team! Great game! Best iso rpg since baldur's gate imho. Things if noticed, do whatever you wish with them: -Unsure if it has to do with localization, some loading scenes have empty strings in french where you usually put tips. -Water blur affects selection circles -I've had empty vector3's printed on the screen while fighting priests in daedric's dungeon or w/e it's called. Not sure if it's part of the fighting system and I'm just being bad, but it printed (0,0,0) in white on the screen a few times.
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