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  1. I don't know why this is or if I'm just dense but when I try to buy camp supplies(for example, I've tried other things) from inn at Vale or the blacksmith it won't let me purchase it even though I have the money to buy it. It will show the item with the amount required to buy but when I click on the "trade" button all that happens is the coin dropping sound and nothing else. I don't get the item, I don't lose money. What gives?
  2. This may seem terribly noob and obvious but I don't see it. I have 702 currency. I want to buy camp supplies from the blacksmith in the Vale for 150. The camp supplies appear on the lower left of the store screen with the 150 amount below it with an arrow pointing left. I click the TRADE button and i heard the sound of coins dropping but I neither get the camp supplies nor do I lose any money. What gives?
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