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  1. I just killed the alpin dragon on Path of the damned difficulty, and i was so happy that i wanted to post and share ! :)


    My group is full 14, Warrior tank (main), Paladin, Monk, Cleric, Cipher, Mage. And i cleaned the Craghold, so i have the stuff and spells from the zone.

    Needless to say i spent the week end on the dragon fight, and i had a little luck at the end.

    I have 3 characters with 10+ at the knowledge skill. I crafted a lot of spells : scroll of maelstrom, scroll of restore critical stamina and scroll of confusion.

    I equipped a maximum of figurines.

    I equipped slashing weapons (dragon is immune to blunt).

    Flask of war paint is a must ; and i took Potion of Llengrath's Displaced image for the tank.


    I put my group at the south east of the room, right after entrance. Can put all the group there and make a wall with melees.

    I pull with the tank, and he quickly runs back to the group. I quickly summon a figurine, and move it toward the dragon. Goal is to slow the dragon and make him call the specters.


    At this moment, the goal is to clean the trash without letting the dragon coming too close to the group.

    For this, i used scroll of maelstrom, scroll of confusion and fire spells. Didnt use cipher here, wanted to let her increase focus.

    I use figurines here a lot, their goal is to prevent the dragon coming too close, and if possible move it far in the room.  It helps the trash to move in front of the group.


    If my group is damaged by the dragon (mainly breath), i use 2 scrolls of restore critical stamine (from 2 different characters). They are quick to cast and the group stays alive.


    Next difficulty is the transition to move the group to the dragon. When i moved, i just had 2 icy mobs left.

    Buffing deflection and moving tank first to the dragon. I put him south of the dragon. Then i move paladin and monk (+ his 2 twins) to the right of the dragon. Cleric, cipher and mage between them but not at melee. Dont go behind the dragon (he one shoted my tank there at one of my tries).

    Here keeping in mind to buff delfection + accuracy, and try to debuff the dragon. Mage finishing the trash, and cipher was working at buffing tank and debuffing dragon. Healings were done by paladin and cleric using mainly the scrolls (quick and efficient).

    What i wanted now was to knock down the dragon : spells from aloth but need luck. Force of anguish of the monk works, warrior skill, etc ... and once the dragon on the ground then BURN ! :)

    I checked the time of the Knock down, and near the end trying all the skills i can to knock the dragon down again.

    The reasons i wanted the dragon to be on the ground is that he hits like a true dragon on potd difficulty, and he has stats like a true dragon on potd difficulty. So, the fight has to be quick. If the fight too long, the dragon wins.

    Had a little luck at the end of my final try, could knock down the dragon times in a row. So around 20 secondes of burst damages





    A thousand "thank you" Obsidian for this game. Thank you for the pleasure.



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