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  1. Hey there, I would just like to start off saying that I am enjoying the game so far. I just earned my Stronghold (which seems super cool), and I am having a blast learning how to play the game. One thing is bothering me though: being a 'Watcher'. It kinda seems like the 'Dragonborn' thing from Skyrim which was a huge turnoff to me (which I ended up ignoring and just thieved my way through the world). I am wondering if being a 'Watcher' plays a large role in the storyline, or if it drops off later in the game. Right now there are constant references to it via dialogue with NPCs and some of my party members even remark about it quite a bit. Is it possible to ignore 'Watcher' related story and still progress, or is the 'Watcher' storyline the only way of eventually progressing? I really don't like being special, and I had hopes that I would be able to just be a dwarven mercenary going on grand adventures and building a Stronghold, but I am thinking of re-rolling my character to something that will fit the 'Watcher' situation if it does indeed play a large role in the game.
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