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  1. Hi All Hoping you can help out or point me in the right direction. My Lenovo Y50 laptop that I used to play PoE1 just died so I'm looking to buy a new laptop for PoE2. Can anyone recommend a decent laptop that will run this? I don't really want to spend too much because I don't really play any other games on my laptop. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Well that was a disappointing game in the end The game started off so well as well, the first few hours I thought "finally! a game that lives up to Baldurs Gate 2" and then it kind of just gets repetitive, forgetful and boring... 1) The Storyline was different and started off quite interesting but eventually just becomes wayyy too complicated that I couldn't even be bothered reading anything in the final couple hours of the game. I have no idea who that random woman is that turns up at the end and it's impossible to remember which god is which. I couldn't even tell you one of the God's name in this game, they are just so forgetful (unlike Helm, Tempest, Lloth) 2) Combat is dull and too easy (on Hard mode I only recall having to re-load a couple of times) and you constantly fight the same monsters over and over. I must have killed 1000 shadows. There are no memorable battles were you actually have to plan what your tactic is going to be (i.e the enemy has an assassin who hides in shadows that I'll need to get rid of fast or a mage who you need to take down before he summons too many creatures) 3) Nothing to spend your gold on (you end up with well over 100,000 gold in the end) which makes receiving gold for quests pointless. 4) The whole Stronghold aspect of the game wasn't needed. Does anyone actually use any of the buildings purchased there? The Wardens Office was the only building worth getting. 5) Companions are forgetful and not worth caring about. There was not one character that I cared about. I did all the companion quests but none of them really led anywhere or held any interest. 6) Side quests are very bland 7) You reach max level well before the end of the game which wouldn't be much of a problem if the side quests were interesting or contained good loot at the end of them. Overall a very forgettable game and it is disappointing they could capture the magic of the Baldurs Gate series (but maybe it is unfair to compare to such a classic RPG)
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