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  1. The part where you imply that the limerick was written with the sole intent and purpose to repress the homosexuals and transgendered people, when it is clearly entirely up to personal and subjective reason. Also - to quote the typical television or motion picture. [No Transgendered people were harmed during filming], which is entirely on point since the only one to get hurt here is the poor bloke who ended up in bed with something he didn't expect or wish and fell to his death. "Fell" to his death. Instead of killing himself because he was ashamed that he slept with someone who was 1) pre
  2. The fact that many homosexuals and many transsexuals don't seem to have a problem with it tells me it isn't "clearly offensive" to anyone but people like Erika who are constantly looking for a reason to be offended. I don't even think most of the people complaining would have noticed any "transphobia" until the rabble-rousers like Brianna Wu and Jim Sterling got them up in arms by telling them there was.
  3. I don't think jokes about genocide are harmless. Nor do I believe this person's statements are prompted solely by people attacking them. Most people don't discuss in depths how they want to kill an entire group of people just because they're angry.
  4. Considering a joke that isn't even directly transphobic is apparently endorsing the murder of transsexuals, I think actively stating you want to kill all men is certainly endorsing genocide. When someone constantly makes those sort of statements unprompted, I think it's safe to say it's not just "a joke" or "an expression of frustration" anymore.
  5. Absolutely infuriating. I bought this game because I wanted to support Obsidian after all the crap they've been through, like getting screwed out of a bonus because F:NV's metacritic score wasn't high enough, because they made great, if buggy, games. But if they're just going to kowtow to a bunch of hateful bigots who think a limerick which doesn't even explicitly target transsexuals is wrong but "joking" about killing all men is perfectly fine (and they sure seem to "joke" about it a lot), then I don't think I'll be doing business with them in the future. I just hope they understand tha
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