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  1. Looks like the closing the client and reloading works. I didn't actually even try that, I just copied the save file to a safe location, loaded older save and continued with that. Looks like it indeed isn't a permanent issue.
  2. I was fighting a troll + mushrooms in catacombs(?) of Defiance Bay first area. The troll knocked down two of my party members who got permanently stuck on knocked down position. I tried resting in the location, but it didn't fix it. There are no knocked down debuffs or anything to signal me if they are still knocked down or not, they are unable to move and use skills. You can order them around and the "move to" marker appears, but they are still on the ground and unable to do anything. Screenshot (if it helps): Save game: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/238567/Bugs/Pillars%20of%20Eternity/082f45a4-4793-4e31-86a4-3ee8f0a239dd%20quicksave.savegame Bonus: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/238567/Bugs/Pillars%20of%20Eternity/Screenshot%202015-04-03%2021.47.50.jpg After the patch, flame axe thing (I don't saddly remember what it was) is shown as full size item art instead of the scaled / square cut icon
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