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  1. This seems to fix the problem somehow: Switch the game to the "Windowed Mode" (Options => Graphics => uncheck Full Screen; you might also need to change the screen resolution) (The game now runs inside a window, not full screen) Save your game (The game should not crash now...) Switch back to Full Screen You should be able to save without crashes now I did not test whether this works over a longer period of time, however
  2. +1 (Macbook Air Mid 2013 with Yosemite 10.10.2) The game crashed only occasionally before, but now (8 hrs in) I can't save anywhere without a crash. Happens everywhere, not just in Raedrics Keep. Just got access to the Stronghold, maybe this changes the savegames somehow? Apart from that - great game, Obsidian! Can't wait to gather my party and venture forth...
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