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  1. Games? All this time I thought this was a fanpage for a 90's pop singer. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. Since when is an 80% score considered a bad score? Hell in grammar school is was thrilled to bring home and 80% on a report card. Is it a generational thing? Do kids now a days need marks to be perfect on everything? Do we all get a trohpy now even if our work was just average, to above average? If we score you a 99% are we bullying you?
  3. Game broken. I loaded a saved game today, and my main character is a Ranger. My wolf pet is gone, no corpse. Also the circle below my portrait that indicates my pet's health is just a plain white circle with no graphics. I can't leave the zone I'm in because I get the must gather your party message, but poor wolfy is nowhere to be found!
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