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  1. Hi, i dont have internet-flag so i cant download mass GB. i managed to download full game via steam on laptop and transfer it to my main PC, replaced data Steamapps/common and it works finde for me. BUT STeam dont recognize an installed version so i cant download the patch via steam. IS THERE POSSIBILITY TO DOWNLAD PATCH FROM EXTERN SOURCE, NOT STEAM? Thank you very much folk
  2. It is not possible, because if i shut down Steam, or go to offline modus, the Installation shut down immediately. Apparently Steam is the only platform to install the game to harddisk.
  3. Hi, thank you very much for your patience. It is a bit hard to carry the processor via hands (dont have car) to my friend I can download the whole 14 GB with my laptop, thats no problem. BUT how can i transfer from laptop to processor? is it possible? Thanks very much
  4. Hi all, i bought DVD-Standart-Version. I activated the activation-key via Steam. Problem: I cant install only Via DVD. The first 3 GB is copied from DVD to Hard-Disk. Then Steam automaticaly start downloading. I only dont have Internet-Flatrate, i thought i only Need Internet-Connection to Login to STEAM without downloading mass GB. IS it possible, to install the game ONLY VIA DVD or IS IT NECESSARY TO DOWNLOAD MASS GB VIA STEAM? SRY FOR BAD ENGLISH
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