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  1. Hello there, I recently leveled up my first character to the lofty heights of 2nd level (woop!), but found a number of class nuetral Talents were absent from the available options. The Wiki doesn't currently state any Prerequisites for Talents beyond class, but do some only become available beyond a particular level or with certain attribute stats? In particular I was looking for Interrupting Blows, but feel free to post regarding any Talents that are not instantly available.
  2. Hello there, I'm planning on playing through as a Chanter, but don't want my character to end up with a build too similar to Kana Rua, as he seems like the kind of guy I might like to go adventuring with down the line. Does anyone know what abilities / talents he already has when you meet him, so that I can avoid having two identical chanters in my party? If anyone wants to post the same for other NPCs too feel free!
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