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  1. I'm not that long into the game, but I have some opinion on the companions: - I really like Aloth. Yup. PoE version of Xan, and Xan was cool (a bit cooler than Aloth, but Altoh is still ok) - Eder is fine as well - Pallegina - now one fine lady - I can't stand Durance. Kicked him out on 2nd day - I should find Sagani interesting, but I don't. I keep her for the quest - I grew used to Kana. At first he annoyed me, but now, he's ok - I never had the Wailing Mother of the Druid in my party, so I don't know about them. As to the characters in BG. In BG 1 I only really liked Xan, the female m
  2. HAHA, I did the same thing. I closed the door in Lady Webb's office and couldn't open it. HOWEVER, I got super lucky. I'm a Ranger with a bear, just kept clicking outside the door and my bear somehow teleported outside it. Since now the bear can SEE the front of the door, I could open it from the back. Yeah, I think the problem is that the interactable part of the door only works if you can see the front of it. True. But I tried my own method with other door in (late) Raedric's dungeon, and it didn't work. Had to take the long route
  3. Had the same problem. Once I locked myself in Lady Webb's office, then came to an unopenable door in Raedrick's dungeon. But I followed one of the above advice - unstealthed and brought my entire party as close to the door as possible. Well, Eder managed to phase through the door and after that I could open the door no problem :3 Just select your entire team and click a few times quickly on space on the other side of the door.
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