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  1. I did test wizard, its so hard to keep alive at the start. I went bravely in the beer cave at the start and well, there was 3 bears and i got totally killed in there, lived maybe 5 seconds lol. Yeah this was with PotD, trial of iron and expert mode on. I think i really should do one easier play trough with hardest so i know how many enemies i face. It's hard work to figure out what class is the best for soloing purposes and takes a lot of work. Only way i can imagine finding out fast is to cheat to level 12 and then got to the endless dungeon and see how far i can clear with each of the characters at solo and with PotD. Because in the end the class that shines at max level is the one that can kill the last boss anyway to complete the game. I'm really not sure can any character do it with solo. So far i been hoping that someone finished with PotD and tells what character he/she done it :D
  2. I've played with fighter on solo so far but i actually am having difficulty with easy. I think fighter is at level 6 and i really have to pick every fight or he gets killed. I'm not new to these games and i told my friend like a year ago that i will solo this game like i did baldurs gate 2. I don't like having a party in any game anyway. I'm pretty sure that with hardest it is impossible with fighter because easy is so pain to play. I'm going to play this solo on hardest but i really need to know a class that has even a chance. I read wizards are really powerful at lev 8+ but its hard to get to level 8. I might consider playing first time with party and explore all the quests etc so when i really solo on hardest its way easier because i know where the easy quests etc are and avoid tough fights. But its interesting thread to read, maybe i just pick up a party with the fighter and just finish the game and return to soloing after some of others done the hard work to figure out what class can manage that
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