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  1. Just want to drop a note and say thank you to everyone and congratulation to those of you one the game! Three Winners in total walked away with a copy of Pillars of Eternity and everyone had a blast watching me get wrecked in hard mode. Check out the results athttp://darkhorsegn.com/gt33015/
  2. We are live still giving away tons of chances to win this great game! Come watch me get rolled as i challenge myself with this game on hard mode! For those of you who have jumped in and hung out thank you for the checking out the stream. As always its been fun!
  3. Show will be live soon right at the top of the hour. Come watch me play on hard mode and enter for your chance to win this great game!
  4. Interested in the game? Want to find out more come check it out with me, live on twitch Tuesday at 10am PST till 4pm PST and again at 7pm PST till 2am PST. Want to play the game but dont want to buy it? Don't worry I got you covered, I will be giving away 2 copies of the game live on stream. Come join me and find out how you can win this awesome game for yourself. www.twitch.tv/Sengira_nanaki www.sengirananaki.com Hope to see you during the show
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