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  1. For issue (1); tooltips definitely don't seem to be updating damage for dots properly - my Corrosive Siphon says 33.3 damage no matter the Int value checked against, but the damage quoted in the combat log is definitely changing so that dps stays constant over different durations; for example, at a 13 second duration the combat log shows it hitting for 43.3 damage, which is correct. I would imagine that Deep Wounds is doing the same, though as it doesn't appear in the combat log it's rather hard to check... As to your issue (2), I'm not seeing how that's an issue - appears to me that it's working exactly as intended; Hit does 4 damage total, Crit does +50% or 6 damage total, and Graze does 50% or 2 damage total. I'd probably agree that this makes dots a weaker choice, as you're waiting longer to get the effect of your crit rather than having it front-loaded melee style, but I disagree that it's a bug.
  2. For DoT spells high intelligence means less damage. Well not less per se but spread out over a longer duration. One would think a longer duration on a DoT would mean more damage overall not just the same damage ticking for way longer This seems to actually be a tooltip bug rather than a mechanics bug - my Aloth's Corrosive Siphon tooltip shows as "33.3 damage ... over 13 sec (base 10 sec)" but expanding the combat messages gives Corrosive Siphon as doing 43.3 damage over 13 seconds on hit - exactly the damage it should be doing to preserve the same dps. Edited to remove definite statements. I'm pretty certain it's a tooltip bug, hence evidence, but could totally be wrong.
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