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  1. Just wanted to add that if it is ultimatedly decided to remove the backer text in question, I would 100% respect it (despite disagreeing) if Obsidian makes it crystal clear that 1. it was indeed an oversight from the beginning, and 2. outside pressure had nothing to do with the decision and is frowned upon. That's it for me on this matter though. Before I go (but keep reading with interest), might I perhaps ask that the person making every 3rd/4th post right now focus just a bit more on quality over quantity. Just a suggestion. Cheers
  2. Outrage culture is getting reaaal old about now. "Nice game you've got there. It would be a shame if someone came along and called you transphobic." Please, please don't cave to this ridiculous request, as it is only the beginning. They're just feeling you out right now. These people are not noble champions of much of anything, and the backgrounds of e.g. the two Twitter-people trying to initially stir this up are... Well. Extensive and verifiable if anyone is actually wondering whether engaging with / catering to them is a good idea. Have to say, when I saw the backer text in game
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