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  1. Great, I could finally upload my avatar picture.

  2. Saving and reloading the game makes them work again, but they don't stay that way. Another issue, which probably has been reported already, hatchet type weapons (like the Hearth Harvest) have graphics scaling problems, the icons are way too big.
  3. The priest robes that can be found in the attic of Raedric's Hold, I decided to enhance one of them. After placing it in the stash, it lost all of it's enhancements. Moving it back in the character inventory didn't fix the issue.
  4. "Failed to set a new photo". Why is that?

  5. It should deal freezing damage to enemies in it's path, but I haven't seen it damage anything. The buff part of the spell does work (I think).
  6. anyone else experience this? Must be an easy fix... I reported the same issue. My post is still being approved by a moderator. :|
  7. The first two glitches are visible in this screenshot: http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/45374346395882768/DEA65120C7A2FCA8BD01A37286AF0909304B94D4/ #1: The group is in scouting mode and I hid the middle UI console, now the green indicator is on Durances portrait. #2: My main character doesn't have three weapon sets, only two, but three are visible. The third one is Kana's, but it's still visible for other characters after switching Kana's weapons sets. #3: It's fairly impossible to drag and drop items from one character to another when in the shopping menu, the character list
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