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  1. Strongly agree. I think the reason for all the positive reception was that the game was decent in Act I and II, though still not in the same class as the old BioWare titles. Act III takes a huge turn for the worst and the endgame is just silly. Everyone unquestionably takes hastily introduced Iovara's word that the gods aren't real based on her eavesdropping through a door, but yet the gods still are real and have power? Your companions all write off the gods but then in the epilogue slides still worship them? Story dull, vague, humorless and lore-heavy to a fault, writing verbose, NPCs mostly dull, voice acting bad (I winced every time Sagani spoke), few wilderness NPC encounters, weird unfun armor/weapon system, items dull, copper pointless very quickly, Stronghold management pointless, pathfinding broken. However I did really enjoy the Endless Paths. It felt like I was back in Durlag's Tower. Way more captivating than that yawner of a main quest.
  2. I ended up fixing this by walking my last standing party member into the room where Orsya was (the door was closed), where a Revenant and a Flesh Construct remained. I drew them out of the room one by one and finished them off with a bow. After this, combat finally ended. It's crazy that combat continues even though enemy line of sight is broken like this.. the enemies were behind a door and not pursuing me.
  3. I am writing this as PoE runs in the background as I have no idea what to do here. I just completed a very difficult battle with Orsya (the animancer in Raedric's dungeon) on Hard (only one of my party members has not been knocked out) but the game refuses to exit combat mode. I have tried walking the guy around the entire map, opening and closing doors, etc. but nothing works. I can't save, can't leave the area, my KO'ed party members won't revive, nothing.
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