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  1. Ok thank you for the information. "Aw well" I kinda knew it was somewhere in the executable, but since I'm not a hacker, void SendMessageToPC(); will have to do. I
  2. "int ShipBuild();" is an Integer. The problem is there's no sign of an action command constant listed anywhere in the nwscript.nss that relates to this integer. Like for instance there's no " voide SetShipBuild();" or "void EnableDebugMode();"<----doesn't exsist and is more likely not correct either. It could be that ShipBuild() was used to set a hidden boolean to TRUE, making it a retailed version for the market. So the Million dollar question is how to set it to FALSE, thus make it a debug verson. Whatever was used to set the ShipBuild() was obviously taken out of the nwscript list which really sux, they should of left it in. I really wish one of the actual gamescript programmers of SWKotOR II could tell me how to set it... If anybody has the 411 on this, please post it here or Email me!!!! Thanks
  3. This post is for the Devs, or anybody that knows NWN scripting very well. // 761: ShipBuild() // This will return if this is a shipping build. this should be used to disable all debug output. int ShipBuild(); Can this actually be re-enabled? I would like to debug my own AI scripts with SpeakStrings, instead of using the "void SendMessageToPC" function. Thankyou..
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