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  1. Stacking rules are that actives (e.g. buffs) don't stack while all passives stack. 


    So regarding a ranger/paladin multiclass accuracy stacking, if I get the accuracy aura (+5) + marked prey (+10), then I use either accurate wounding shot (+20) or base flames of devotion (+20), will any of those stack? Or are they all considered actives?


    In other words, if the accuracy bonus is part of an ability but not a buff, will it stack with other actives?

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  2. I'd actually vote for trying out Josh's new Resolve that randomly empowers your abilities.


    It might be a lot better than people think and regardless that's probably what will be in the game.


    The theoretical concerns are quite significant, though.

    • Adds more RNG with random spikes of damage on top of Crits - PL adds to enemy's damage and penetration as well. Imagine Crit + Empowered dragon's breath
    • Comes with weakening of manual empowers to mitigate ^ (+10 PL to +5 as said by Josh) - makes it even less attractive vs replenishing resources
    • To combat save-scumming, it can only trigger after X duration into combat (also said by Josh) - a bit of an inelegant implementation, and limits its effect arbitrarily
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  3. I feel the main purpose of subclasses is to provide alternative playstyles, but some of the current ones could do better in achieving that outcome.

    Some suggestions to boost weaker ones, to provide greater differentiation between subclasses, and to align their boons/banes with their concept:



    Fighter - Black Jacket

    Concerns: The weapons master. Giving up rapid recovery for quick switch + 1 more proficiency seems like a poor deal. Weapon switching doesn't occur often because enemies have static ARs, so for the same enemy there's no point switching (disregarding unique effects of weapons yet to be seen).

    This subclass has been used for all-out first-striking with triple sets of dual pistols, rapidly switched, but this seems like a niche application.


    Suggestions: Centre this subclass around weapon modals, and switching to utilise these modals.

    - Advanced Proficiencies : Penalties from weapon modals are halved 

    - Alternatively, gain proficiency in all weapons automatically. Instead of choosing proficiencies, choose Advanced Proficiencies (gold instead of blue icon) in selected weapons.



    Ranger - Stalker

    Concerns: The melee ranger, but the radii are forgiving enough to allow use to ranged weapons as well. Bonus makes the ranger & pet marginally more tanky, but that doesn't quite gel with the subclass name (and the bonus itself isn't too interesting) + the issue of no melee-compatible abilities


    Suggestions: Rangers are primarily single-target destroyers. Other than making abilities usable in melee,

    - Gain +1 engagement (vs 0 for rangers, I think)

    - Attacks against enemies engaged by both stalker and pet apply Marked Prey without cost

    - Ambush : Exiting stealth within 3 range of an enemy applies a small short-duration Action Speed buff (to add stalking element without making high stealth absolutely necessary)

    - Penalty - The Stalker deals less damage to enemies not engaged by both stalker and pet (including when pet has fallen), suffer bonded grief when outside 5 range.



    Wizard Subclasses

    Concerns: Chance-based (Evoker, Illusionist's empower) and random bonuses (Conjurer) feel unreliable. Ultimately the playstyles between some are not that much different beyond the selection of spells.


    Suggestions: Alter bonuses to provide tactical considerations

    - Conjurer - Empowered conjuration spells also conjure a decently strong familiar/creature based on element or type of spell (e.g. weapon conjuration summons a self-acting, weaker copy of the weapon)

    - Evoker - No passive bonus to power level. Elemental Momentum : Casting an evocation spell of X element increases the Power Level for evocation spells of other elements. Each spell cast provides separate "Momentum: <Element>" buffs (effectively up to 3 given 4 elements), with all Momentum lost when a spell of the same element is cast again, or a non-evocation spell is cast.



    Small note on single-class's relative weakness - Perhaps power level can be made more impactful for both passive and active abilities, making the difference in power level above multiclasses characters more pronounced.

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  4. Normal campaign on Steam, Windows 10

    Adventure deck 5, final scenario (the one with the Warriors of Wrath) on the 2nd difficulty (requiring a roll of 2D4 when encountering an henchman)


    When using encountering a Warrior of Wrath with (Feral) Lini, the Acrobatics/Dexterity roll appears first before the 2D4 roll.

    Clicking on the Animal Trick ability causes the Acrobatics/Dexterity die to roll, with an incorrect number showing.

    The 1 fire damage is dealt.

    The 2D4 then roll, and the Acrobatics check is made again but this time like normal. Combat also occurs without problem.

    After defeating the Warrior, the Acrobatics check appears again, this time at seemingly double the difficulty of the previous one.

    Then the combat check again, also at double the difficulty.

    Proceeding along just causes the difficulty of the checks to multiply without being able to end the encounter. 


    The only way to continue was to concede.


    This happened twice, each time with Feral Lini, each time the same presentation.

  5. Running the game through Steam, Windows 10 in the Goblins campaign.


    The problem I have is that I didn't receive the Burn Everything card reward despite beating all scenarios on legendary.


    Other bugs:

    - Goblin Commando ally when used on a ranged combat check (for me it was always Ranzak), will change the skill used from Ranged to Dexterity - if you didn't notice the change, this would lead to a lower roll


    - In the final scenario, the Stupid Longshanks barrier is especially deadly because each Longshanks Hero defeated through it also adds to the +2 increased difficulty to complete the mission. Is this intended?


    - Poog's Shot in the Arm ability only allows a single companion to be selected when it triggers. The fact that performing another action/roll in the same turn (without triggering the ability) causes the icon to light up again and allow a second companion to be selected suggests that this is a bug.


    - (non-Goblins) When Graul Ogrekin henchman's ability is triggered (roll to select power), it can get stuck (can't remember more details, sorry) - forcing a concede to continue progression.



    PFID - 9C9D6473457AC213

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