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  1. Oh I really wouldn't go that far . . . I mean, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but despite my struggles I'd hardly call this an inherent flaw in the game. It's more that I figured since I had so much experience with previous IE games that I could go into this one with a pre-established veteran status . . . and that just wasn't true. I had to take a few minutes and realize that I'm playing a completely different game. And as soon as I did that, plus taking my time to talk to a character that I'd walked past several times in my haste and adding him to my party, now things are going swi
  2. As a quick update I now have a proper fighter and he makes all the difference in the world. Combining that with a fresh take on how combat works and a little more patience while the game is paused and I'm doing much better. I went back to one of the maps leading to Caed Nua and took out a couple forest trolls fairly handily (a single forest troll almost did me in on my first run to Caed Nua). I also dispatched a couple forest lurkers, although the lurkers were a tough match and my fighter almost died outright. All that was with the basic gear that characters came with so now we're back at
  3. Very good points, all. My excitement is rejuvenated! I'll be going in with fresh eyes next time I play. Though it is pretty hilarious from a role playing aspect... My last save was just after finishing one of those near party wipe scenarios to take a few steps forward and walking into more of the same. After about 10 seconds of fighting I tucked tail, turned my entire party around and fled. So the story continues from that point with suffering huge loss to pride. I can only imagine my character walking alongside his lion on his way backed to town, looking down at his lion and quietly whi
  4. Thank you! I missed one of those and I think having that character will help me a bunch! And I think I'll slow down and smell the roses, maybe pick a few, and spend nore time exploring. Thank you all for your help!
  5. In all fairness, though, I never ran into this problem just following the main quest line. Sure, if you head straight north after visiting the Friendly Arm Inn for the first time and come across a couple Ankhegs you're gonna be in a world of hurt, but there were plenty of times I went into the Nashkel Mines as fresh level 2s and while it was tough, it wasn't constant party wipes. I'm not trying to be defensive, I'm just pointing out that im going to the places the game naturally points me to go.
  6. Thank you both for speedy replies! Very helpful but as so often happens, more questions follow! I'm getting party-wiped in Caed Nua on my way to see the guy who apparently can tell me about myself. I haven't gone to Readric's Hold at all. I don't know how to do a spoiler tag or else I'd tell you exactly what I've done and where I've been. Basically I was trying to follow the main quest line as organically as possible. A couple minor side quests I did because they seemed like they would further my immediate goals but I didn't follow any sidequest plotpoints that I felt would take
  7. I stumbled across Pillars only a few days before it's release and I was so excited! I supremely enjoyed BG 1 and 2 though I never got into Icewind Dale as much because I felt it lacked the same depth of story. Anyway, I leapt at the chance to play Pillars and I was especially elated that many of the reviews talked about not being limited to traditional character classes and it not necessarily requiring min/maxing . . . So I start (and I won't give spoilers, though all this is early game stuff) and I was so excited that I could play rather organically rather than "meta-gaming" the game.
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