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  1. I had this problem as well and could not see anything on the maps if I wasn't currently looking @ the place I was standing. I tried changing the settings on my monitor from 'theater' to 'night mode' and now everything looks OK. The game appears a bit too bright as a result, but, I used the gamma settings to fix that. Not the ideal solution, but, it worked for me.
  2. I registered specifically to comment on this issue. It is incredibly annoying that I can't lock the camera to the main character or a specific character. For now I am scrolling with the WASD keys. I tried using the mouse to scroll the camera, but, it is really annoying. The biggest issue for me, is that the game looks best when it is at the default level of zoom. However, that requires you to do quite a bit of work moving the camera around. PLEASE consider adding the option to lock the camera to a specific character. Even if the game engine won't allow perfect scrolling w/ the character/camera locked that would still be far superior to what is required now. Thank you.
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