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  1. Doesn't work for me somehow. I ofc write my char's name there. Also game didn't accept "_" for class abilities f.e I had to write "BruteForce" instead of "Brute_Force" for it to work but neither "FieldTriage" nor "Field_Triage" worked. :/ Alright @Amelyssan's solution worked but it adds talents to ability section in character sheet, instead of talent section. Why can't we cheat properly in this game :D
  2. This thread doesn't have any info on console commands? Where can we find a list of the commands? Commands are; AddAbility playername nameofability (i.e.; AddAbility Lucinius Field_Triage will give the player named Lucinius the Field Triage ability) AddItem itemname stackcountamount AdvanceTimeByHour numberofhours AttributeScore playername attributename amount (i.e.; AttributeScore Lucinius Might 18 will give the player named Lucinius a base Might score of 18) SetTime timewanted (with 24 being midnight) Skill playername skillname amount (i.e.; Skill Lucinius Athletics 6 wil
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