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  1. Ah yes, then there's always the ever popular name calling forum poster. Put me in the lazy git crowd. I'd still like an option to lock focus to my controlled character. For those that aren't lazy gits, they can leave this option unchecked. Glad to see this post still kicking around.
  2. FYI, I emailed this request to support@obsidian.net and just received a response back from Darren M. that he'd pass it along to the team. So here's to hoping the option makes it in via a future patch.
  3. Thanks everyone for commenting and keeping the post alive. I'm still playing and have gotten used to using WASD for camera movement, but think it would be so much better if the camera would follow the active character. Hopefully Obsidian takes note and can make it a future option.
  4. Is there somewhere that I can go to make this suggestion to Obsidian besides these forums, or is this it?
  5. I'm LOVING the game so far. The only thing missing for me is an option to have the camera following the character that's being controlled. Other than that, I've found this game flawless and tons o'fun. Great job Obsidian!!!
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