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  1. To report back here I've been having no trouble on my computer which is HD3000, i5 2.4ghz -- haven't even messed with the anti-aliasing yet. Using low graphics settings, but very smooth performance so far (if a bit longer than average load screens). Cheers!
  2. Wonderful, Rojay--happy adventuring! Will keep my fingers crossed that my own computer can accomplish the same...
  3. Still waiting to hear from anyone specifically regarding the Intel HD 3000 -- if manageable performance is possible with the HD 4000 and a processor comparable to mine (i5 2.4Ghz) I'd be tempted to give it a go....
  4. Hey Ebolaids, I noticed you made some changes and got better performance... is your fps up to a more playable level now?
  5. Thanks Rojay-- yeah, late 2011 MacBook-- in exactly the same boat as you. My inner 13 year old who played BGII on release will be crushed if my computer can't run this game...
  6. Hello everyone, sorry for yet another will-it-run post: 2011 MacBook, Intel Core i5 4GB Memory Intel HD3000 384MB (I know, I know...) Anyone have an idea if I'll be able to play Pillars of Eternity, even on low-res? For what it's worth, I was able to make it through Dragon Age: Origins with only minor issues.
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