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  1. I got the original KOTOR maybe 6 months after it was released. I have bought every Black Isle RPG since the first Baldur's Gate I think. They were all pretty well done, and certainly the best RPGs to date. I think Planescape (still is) the pinnacle of computer RPG play. Everything about that game was great. Most of their RPGs have a lot of similarities, but I guess thats the case with most genres. But since Planescape, each following game I have liked less and less....mind you I still buy them, as they are better than most computer games. Like most of the audience, we pretty much know how to play these games. Usually they fall into the "kill mas quantities of monsters" and "loot everything" and "talk to everyone" and "save repeatedly" category type....but we have been doing this since Zelda....so its old hat. KOTOR was a great game as it had some new stuff. The voice acting was probably the best of any game to date, plus it had all those languages (who cares if the Twileks said only a few sentances, or only had one or two "faces"...was still good). The combat was nice...I wouldnt call it the best, but that plus the fact it was a well written story AND the fact it was Star Wars made for a great game. I could overlook the linear "level" progression and the hack 'n slash mentality, as I have played plenty of games like that yet still enjoyed them. Certainly, KOTOR 1 was well deserved of its many accolades. Then the sequel came. Sequels generally are not as good, and this one is no exception. After playing for a few days, I have grown tired of the repetitive combat system. It really is bad. I cannot count how many times I have pressed an attack mode or medpac or whatever and the character does not respond. Or the bad AI, or the same basic hack n slash found in KOTOR I....they really didnt "add" anything to the game. To me its just an expansion. My pet peeve is my party running off after combat to engage other monsters. This is a problem I had with the first game, and I still cannot figure it out. I try to do the ole switch and run, but as soon as I do that the other character runs back...its like some relay race to see who can mess up my combat plan first. The combat AI, and lackluster party AI basicall makes everything a "one-button" show. No need to plan stategy, or use mines or anything, as the party just runs off and engages what ever threat lies closest....even switching their AI does not help this. Heck, even solo mode does not help....if they are in proximity to something hostile, they will run to it. I was hoping the combat programming would be better this time around. But its the same. Graphics should be great, except I have seen them in KOTOR I already. Even HK, everyones favorite character, seems a less interesting than in the original. He seems contrived....like the lines he uses are put in because some produce said, "hey, we gotta have more HK insults"...not as funny as the first. The game just got boring and dull. I was hoping for something more, but instead got the same old "We gotta rush this sequel out the door" game... I hope OBSIDIAN doesnt start resting on their laurels with these games. Black Isle had that problem. I hope NWN 2 has a lot more improvements than the first NWN... Im sure Ill go back to this game in a few months...but to me, it seems like Diet KOTOR... you may all flame away now. SUW
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