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  1. in string table. That is the error I get when I want to UNINSTALL the game.
  2. The more I read in this topic, the more I get the feeling that Obsidian tried to turn the things the jedi did in Kotor 1 into something bad. That is such a bad and stereotypical thing to do to continue a story. Especially this quote from GOTO: "So while Revan would have conquered the Republic, he would also have prepared it for the next war against the true Sith. How much or how little he was corrupted by the dark side is immaterial, since he would have armed the Republic in time either way - either to save the Republic or else to protect his own empire." As I already have said, that is a thing Obsidian defined. But if you can not believe that it is possible the whole story falls apart.
  3. I think that this is one of the weakest things in the story! Obsidian defined several things in order to make the story work: 1) The force is killable 2) You can live without the force 3) Jedis are nothing without the force I can not agree to one of this definitions and if you can
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