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  1. I am running a Pentium Core 2 Duo with 2 GB of ram, and a 4 GB readyboost USB with Windows 7, 32-bit. Graphics card is a NVIDIA 750Ti. No problems at all. No bugs, no slowdowns, nothing. I had a single crash over 6 hours of playing that I think was caused by the game running out of memory because I was alt-tabbing and mushing (text based rpg) in another window. I restarted and had several hours without another crash. Disclaimer: I usually find that when games want more then 2 GB of Ram, readyboost seems to solve most problems. I play heavily, heavily modded CK2 with the above rig, and have not had the crashes due to lack of memory many others claim to have had.
  2. So, my first character is a Pale Elf Cipher Mystic. I'm having fun. Mostly because I'm playing on easy because I care about story, not combat. But then I looked online at all the builds... And I noticed I've seen perhaps like, one build that doesn't prioritize the strength stat. (Lets not pretend Might is anything other then strength. If a high might lets you lift people and do strength stuff in conversations, its the strength stat no matter what the devs might say in interviews). As far as I can tell, Ciphers, at least, are basically useless without a high strength. I..... don't play strong characters in rpgs. I never, ever, -ever- prioritize strength. I never have, I never will. I have never played a fighter/barbarian type in any rpg I have ever played. I don't empathise with them. I play thinkers, diplomats, or sneaky-types. Am I @!!#!# out of luck here? I was initially just going to make a cipher archer. I was going to prioritize Int (because from what I can see, the cipher charm ability is so short duration it barely lasts longer then it takes to cast it, and in truth, even with an 18 int I've barely used it in play because of that) and then dex next, with the rest of my points being split between perception and resolv.e. I didn't lower any stats below starting levels. And I'm doing pretty well. But I think thats mostly because I'm on easy. In fact, the more I read about the builds, the more and more annoyed I get that basically you seem to be pushed to play a musclebound character, because everyone is going to want to do damage, and damage, even for thinkers, is strength in this game. Even thinking about it is kinda getting me annoyed right now. So what I did was I took the cipher power that gave me +2 focus with each hit. (Edit: Draining whip) I was going to use a bow, but I found I got way more focus when I stuck with the starting dual-wield build it put me on, compared to anything else I could do, and using my bow was basically pointless. My concept just isn't going to work, is it?
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