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  1. Oh my, really? What's wrong with this poem? Why do people with different beliefs, views always have such a big problem with everything and always feel harrased. I don't get it, it's just like with feminism. Please do not change this, it doesn't insult anyone, moreover that would be not fair for a backer who wrote this.
    Cheers, and don't feel offended with this post lol

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  2. Ok, here's what I did to kill them
    gather your party into a tight formation so those douchebags won't kill your casters inside.  Initiate encounter with your pet/useless character and cast some DPS buffs with your priest. Kill those bustards with fire spells (druid or mage). This fight took me about 5 mins, at the end only 2 my tanks were still alive.



    Most people in early game will use tactics of "engage with fighter, throw my highest damage abilities with everyone else", because that's what seems obvious. Shadows in particular are resistant to this tactic because of their DR / Resistances and teleport. They are super difficult if you persist with the same tactic, but very manageable if you adapt to the situation. 

    But how to use different one when your party dies after 2 secs of combat? It's so damn annoying to fight them, really, it makes me rage quit everytime I have to reload 20 times

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