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  1. well like i said before = my pc cant run kotor 2 + i dont have an xbox no more + too much work
  2. hawk i really appreciate ur post, looking forward to part 2
  3. that was from Perfect Dark Zero (w00t) here is another one if you interested
  4. Well meta,have checked ur posts,tried your links to plot summaries that you were talking about and i gotta say you are missing the point here. All the information on the posts are faqs about the plot,partial explainations of selected events and some character background info and they do require some degree of kotor 2 knowledge .Wikipedia has the main plot,all the chareacter info and all the endings for the people who dont know anything about kotor 2, which i was looking for. Well revanredefined i really want to play the game even with knowing all the story at this point but my pc cant r
  5. Sorry no one was here to help you, but it would have been better to just search these forums.. i've seen many posts on here (i think) with the complete story <{POST_SNAPBACK}> well after i read your message i checked the posts again and could not find any post with all the story or a quick summary of the main events. Most of the posts are character background info or specific events happened during kotor 2 timeline. Maybe i should have made a more extensive search on the net or waited longer for a reply before making a sarcastic comment but i thought at least one of
  6. Wow thanks for the support, i really appreciate it u guys. Anyways since nobody helped me i spent an extra 2 hours and found the info myself. Anyone interested in reading the complete story of kotor two with all charecter info and all the possible endings can go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Kn..._The_Sith_Lords wikipedia has some really detailed and well organized starwars information, including all the videogames,novels and movies.
  7. Hello, i have finished kotor 1 when it first came out but i never had the chance to play kotor 2, and from the looks of it i'll never have the chance to actualy play it(i don't have a xbox no more ,my pc is a pentium 2, i work 14 hours aday for 6 days aweek lately ) Since i loved Kotor storyline so much ,i'll appreciate if somebody can summarize the main story in kotor 2 for me(just LS would be enough)
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