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  1. With KOTOR I believe playing through as a LS character (Male or Female) was in my mind the idea way for KOTOR. It makes of a better overall story as well, you know....Revan coming back and defeating Malak and saving the Republic. DS could be ideal for KOTOR as well as Revan takes back his role as Sith Lord but I believe the LS way is more ideal for KOTOR.


    Then we have TSL the more darker version of the two. While playing through KOTOR as the LS Revan fitted KOTOR more (Atleast to me). I believe playing through as the DS Exile is more fitting for TSL. It also helps out with the darker tone in TSL. Instead of trying to go Luke Skywalker and saving the Galaxy which fitted LS Revan more in KOTOR. I believe revenge is a better motive in TSL. The exile seeking revenge on those who casted him out of the Jedi Order for doing what he believed was right.


    Ever since he (or she) was casted out of the order from there he created this huge hate for the Jedi and the Republic they serve. This would give the exile motives to the many DS choices in the game. The exiles movites wouldn't be to become THE NEXT Sith Lord but to just take revenge against all Jedi. These Jedi being the Jedi on the counsil who casted him out of the order. The exile would consider himself neither Sith or Jedi but more of a person of the force. Much like Keria.


    Its a lot to explain but I believe going through as a Darkside character is more fitting in TSL then going through as a Lightsider.


    What do you guys think?


    I agree fully.

  2. Masks are ugly, show your face.


    The robes are a very good improvement, but I found it to be ridiculous that you can't even raise your hood up. Honestly, don't tell me it'll affect the framerate, you must be severely retarded to believe that excuse.


    The recycled item models really are terrible.

  3. She said a man.


    She told me she saw a graveyard.


    This can go on all day long.


    perhaps this has to do with her alignment? My Visas was full-on Pillar o' Light, and she said "a man".

    Have to check that on my ds playthrough...


    I was full darkside. She said a man.


    I'd rather have her saying he was a graveyard though... sounds better.

  4. Why no Star Forge robes? I mean, you used the same engine, might as well use every item there was from the first.


    Eww! I think you meant Revan's robes. *gives a nudge* :(



    I'm just saying that just add any kind of robe model there was. At least to add some variety. They used the same engine, at least use ALL of the things the engine has. I don't care if there was no Star Forge, you somehow get Bindo's headband and a Nagai grip without explanation.

  5. Halo won't have half (Or any) votes compared to Halo 2 which is a way better game and a great true sequel.




    Most people I've heard are saying what a disappointment Halo 2 is. Probably not a very good example.


    Most people you heard? I doubt you know everyone who bought Halo 2, so it's still a valid example.

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