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  1. Hey, I understand, no hard feelings. I agree with you, I have very strong suspicions that it's not legitimate and I'm going to try and return it to the seller I bought it from on Ebay. Didn't mean to ruffle any feathers.
  2. I'm using an international english version of KOTOR 2 with only two disks. Problem is, it seems to have the No-CD patch preinstalled, and don't know how to revert swkotor2.exe back to how it was originally. And that means there's no way for me to patch the game--it's giving me the "old files not found" error message. To make matters worse, all of the information on the CDs seem to be stored on huge .bin files and I can't figure out how to browse through them to access the files I need. There's no .cue file to help me open it. I've tried converting it to .iso format, but that doesn't seem to work either--it says the file is corrupted. If anyone knows of a way to open the .bin files so I can browse through them, I'd really appreciate the information. Alternatively, if anyone wanted to send me an email with a zipped copy of the original swkotor2.exe, that would really make my day. I mean it would make me REALLY happy. I want so much to get this game started.
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