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  1. Has there been any word on whether or not higher tiered backers will receive Royal Edition keys on GOG? The 26th of March is quickly approaching.
  2. inXile Entertainment provided GOG keys for the digital deluxe edition of Wasteland 2 to higher tiered backers and a basic edition for the lower tiers. It can be done.
  3. Why? Download the extras you're entitled to off the backer portal and archive them. What difference does it make if you get the stuff directly from Obsidian or from GOG? I want the extras on GOG for the same reason I want the game on GOG. I'm wary of the long-term viability of the backer portal and I'd prefer to have the game with the extras on a site I regularly use. Providing a key for the Royal Edition on GOG to those who qualify costs Obsidian nothing. It's all digital, and GOG generates keys for developers/publishers for free.
  4. As a $100 backer, it's unacceptable to be stuck with a key for the basic version on GOG.com. I should be entitled to a key for the Royal Edition, which is the closest equivalent to my tier. I hope the powers that be reconsider this.
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